What Does a Member Do?

Most members of Mount Laurel EMS are active duty. These members serve on duty crew shifts for a minimum of twenty-four (24) hours each month and participate in training and community events with the department. Volunteer training is partially funded by the New Jersey State Training Fund, so our actively contributing members do not pay to take classes.

Not interested in active duty? You can still help Mount Laurel EMS! Non-duty members of the department assist us in administrative tasks and coordinating activities for the organization. They are not expected to serve on duty crews and volunteer their services in other ways.

Must I Become an EMT?

Because our primary mission is providing quality prehospital medical care to the community, we do require that an active duty member enrolls in an EMT class within one year from their entry into the organization.

What are the Benefits of Membership?

No one may explain the intangible benefits of saving a human life, yet our heroes do it every day. The appreciation in the eyes of a patient and his or her family is enough for most members. Benefits do not stop there, though. Additional ancillary benefits include:

Read on to learn more about joining our organization!

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