Many of us are combating escalating tuition costs. As a result, a major incentive for becoming a member of a volunteer service there may be the money you are eligible to receive and put toward your college education. As an active volunteer you can receive tuition assistance through a number of programs.

Volunteer Tuition Credit Program

What Is It?

Through the Volunteer Tuition Credit Program students receive tuition assistance in the amount of $600, not to exceed a maximum of $2,400 over a period of four years. This assistance is available for tuition at any county college, county vocational school, or county technical institute.

Who Is Eligible?

Members of a volunteer organization who are active in good standing and have served for a minimum of one year are eligible for tuition assistance, as are their spouses and dependent children.

What Are The Obligations?

In order to satisfy the requirements for tuition assistance, volunteers are subject to certain obligations.

  • The volunteer must have completed one year of active service to the organization in order to be eligible.
  • The volunteer must agree to serve as a member of a volunteer organization for a minimum of four years.
  • The person receiving assistance must maintain a minimum "C", "2.0", or "pass" average in order to continue eligibility in the tuition credit program. In the event that a course is graded as "pass/fail", a grade of "pass" will suffice.
  • The volunteer must provide the municipal clerk with a copy of the student's transcript upon completion of each course cycle or semester.

Where Can I Learn More?

For more information and to obtain forms to be completed, click here.

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